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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

Chilled beer is a great rejuvenating drink that will enliven your soul and mind and help you relax. The refreshing drink is good when consumed in measured quantity and helps to life and energy to your mind and body.

Drinking too much of beer can however lead to health concern and engulf you with liver and heart diseases. It may even cause organ malfunctioning and cancer. If beer is consumed in moderate quantity it can be potentially helpful to build your health and mind. There are many benefits of consuming beer in moderate amount like 12 ounces every day for both men and women.

Beer contains barley, yeast, hops and water. It is cholesterol and fat free and is rich in nutrients like magnesium, biotin, phosphorus,vitamin B, potassium, selenium, chromium and soluble fibre. It also contains vitamin B6 b12 and folic acid.  This nutrient content in beer helps to combat many diseases and increases the life span.

Some of the significant benefits of beer have been briefed below.

Lowers Risk of Heart Diseases

Beer reduces the risk of contracting heart diseases from 20%-30% according to a research published by Harvard School of Public Health. According to researchers from the elite Harokpio University in Athens, beer consumed in moderate levels reduces cardiovascular risks.

Soluble content in beer lessens the lower bad cholesterol of LDL in blood. This in turn lessens the chances of having heart attacks, or hardening of arteries and thickening of blood. Moderate consumption will help to build the level of good cholesterol or HDL. The polyphenol acts as antioxidants.

Reduces Kidney Stones

Beer reduces the chance of developing kidney stones by atleast 40% if consumed daily in moderate amounts, according to a study in Finland.

  • Beer contains nearly 93% of water which helps to cleanse the harmful toxins and keep our kidney healthy.
  • The diuretic effect on beer will keep you away from dehydration.
  • The compounds present in hops will also help to hinderthe process of building of calcium in kidneys and thus prevent formation of stones.

Boosts Brain Health

Many prominent researchers from Rush university Medical center have also published researches on beer effectively reducing the memory problems. It basically reduces the chance of developing memory related problems by about 23%.


Intake of beer in moderate quantity reduces the chance of onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s since it triggers growth of new and healthy brain cells.


It also helps to improve memorizing power and enhances our reasoning and concentrations. It helps the brain to reach a more flexible state of attention.


Guards against Strokes

Researchers from the prestigious Harvard school of public health have also published articles on consumption of moderate amounts of beer that prevents the formation of blood clot. It eases the way of blood flow to brain, neck and heart. It causes the arteries to become flexible and enhances blood flow which is turn prevents ischemic stroke.

The American Strike Association has also shown that moderate consumption of beer reduces the risk of stroke by about 50% as compared to non-alcoholic people who do not consume beer.

Improves Strength of Bones

Beer is a rich source of silicon which is a healthy compound that contributes to a bone health. Silicon is known to improve and enhance bone mineral density and thus strengthen our bones.

A study conducted in 2009at the renowned Tufts University showed that older people who drank beer moderately had better bone density. However, care must be taken to not consume in excess as it may lead to weakening of bones and thus increase the risk of bone fractures.

Prevents Prostate Cancer

Beer in permissible quantity helps to combat the life-threatening diseases ‘cancer’. The antioxidant xanthobohumol present in beer contains anti-cancer properties which blocks chemical reactions that may lead to the occurrence of prostate cancer most common in men. It also reduces the chances of developing breast cancers in women.

Reduces Risk of Diabetes

The alcohol content present in beer enhances the insulin sensitivity that helps to keep diabetes under check.

According to study conducted in Harvard in 2011,of about 38,000 middle-aged men who drank one to two beers daily had lesser chance of developing type 2 diabetes by about25%.

However, if you have diabetes you must choose beers with low levels of carbohydrates. Beer is a good source of soluble fiber, an important part of a healthy diet plan for those suffering from diabetes.

Cuts Alzheimer’s Risk

Moderate consumption of beer reduced chances of developing dementia or cognitive impairment by about 23%, according to the scientists at the prominent Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. It is mainly due to the content of silicon in beer which helps to neutralize the effect of aluminum in brain. Alzheimer’s is mostly caused due to harmful effects of aluminum in brain which beer helps to regulate.

Hydrates Skin

Beer is a great hydrating agent that helps to nourish your skin and add glow. It is rich in vitamins and yeast which helps to hydrate the skin within and thus maintain the pH balance. The high water content in beer helps to cleanse the toxins and restore a natural and healthy glow. Hence ancient Egyptians used to bathe in beer to moisturize and hydrate their skin.


You can also add 2 cups of beer in your bathing lukewarm water and soak yourself in for about 15-20 minutes to help getting relaxed and enjoy a beautiful glowing skin.

Hair Conditioner

Beer contains yeast and high content of vitamin B which acts a fantastic hair conditioner. It helps to treat dandruff and strengthen the roots. It adds a shine to your hair and prevents the onset of dandruffs again and again. Be careful to wash your thoroughly after bathing with beer as it may linger the smell for quite sometime.

These are several benefits of beer that will help you lead a healthy life and shun the risk of contracting many deadly illnesses. However pregnant women or those who are beast-feeding should not consume beer or any other alcoholic beverages

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