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50 Habits of Successful People

There are a lot of self help books that promise to change your life and transform your personality. However, there are so many tips and advices that it all gets confusing.

There are a lot of self help books that promise to change your life and transform your personality. However, there are so many tips and advices that it all gets confusing. I thought if I could boil down all the best lessons from every book, it would help a lot of people and would be a nice list to glance at whenever things seem down. If you don’t want to read all the books but still want to know what’s important inside them, the below pointers shall help you as much as it did me.

Although many of them are qualities rather than habits, I thought of following the footsteps of Stephen Covey which he did in his widely acclaimed book 7 habits of highly effective people. It might seem daunting to read all of the self help books and absorb all what they have to offer. Thus, fall back to these 50 habits whenever you want to improve yourself.

The 50 best habits of successful people

  1. They are constantly looking for opportunities and find them while others don’t seem to see them.
  2. While others are dangling with problems, they use them to learn valuable life lessons.
  3. They are focused on finding solutions rather than cribbing over problems.
  4. Although they feel fear too but they don’t let it control or limit them.
  5. They go out and create their own success with their skillset and methods while others are waiting for success to knock their door.
  6. They ask questions which makes them productive, emotionally enriched and increases their knowledge and insights.
  7. They take full responsibility of all their actions and never blame any negative outcomeon others.
  8. They never complain and waste their energy on futile things.
  9. They mingle and interact with like minded people who help them become a better person.
  10. They always strive to create win win situations and embrace working as a team player.
  11. Although they might not be as talented as most of the people out there but they know how to get things done and use their potential to the highest possible extent.
  12. They always make sure that their time is being used in a productive and proactive manner. They never waste any of their time in something that won’t benefit them in the future.
  13. They are highly ambitious and always think big. They take control of their future and make sure they get what they want.
  14. They are very clear and conscious about what they want out of their life and make a viable plan to get all of it. They visualize in detail about what they want rather than just watching life as it goes.
  15. They believe in innovation more than imitation.
  16. They hate procrastinating and never wait for the right moment. Their mantra is every moment is the right moment.
  17. They believe in being students of life and are constantly learning something or the other. More than formal education, they try to grasp knowledge through their extraordinary listening skills.
  18. They do what they are supposed to do instead of being swayed by their feelings on any particular day.
  19. In all the aspects of life, they take calculated risks so as to excel in everything.
  20. They use all the challenges they are given and learn lessons in the process of solving it.
  21. They never believe in uncontrollable factors like destiny or luck, they create their own fortune by working hard towards it.
  22. Mediocre people are reactive but successful people are proactive and take firm decisions to avoid complications.
  23. They know how to handle their emotions and channel them to reach their goals instead of letting these emotions become obstacles in their way.
  24. They stick to their plans no matter how things go. They never hesitate to revise their plans to make it more effective.
  25. They are excellent communicators and constantly improve upon their communicating skills.
  26. They believe in going the exceptional way of doing things and take calculated risks that other people would hesitate from.
  27. Successful people go out of their comfort zone and take tough decisions to reach their goals and pursue their dreams.
  28. They have ingrained some core values that they stick to throughout their lives and their actions are along the same lines.
  29. They don’t equate money with success. Although they are financially sound, they never depend on it to do things in their life. They feel money as an important tool but not a deciding factor of their success.
  30. They are highly disciplined and can control their self to extreme levels.
  31. They feel secure in all aspects of life and ignore vanity altogether.
  32. They are very kind and generous when it comes to helping others reach their goals.
  33. They don’t fear apologizing if they are wrong. They are humble enough to accept their mistakes and learn from it.
  34. They believe in learning from others and are not arrogant at all.
  35. Instead of talking about it, they actually start acting on what they feel like.
  36. They take good care of their health and make sure that they are emotionally and spiritually at their best.
  37. They always finish what they begin with. While we all talk about finishing our work, they are actively working hard to conclude whatever they are working on.
  38. They know about the virtue of relaxing and spending some time taking a break from their busy schedules to cool down.
  39. They don’t look for shortcuts but instead find the most effective way of accomplishing anything.
  40. They don’t consider failures as something bad. They learn from it and grow stronger to succeed the next time.
  41. They set extremely high standards for all what they do. Even if they don’t achieve it, they are miles ahead of others who have kept their goals on a lower standard and dream very small.
  42. They embrace solitude and often consider themselves as their best partners. They enjoy their own company and feel comfortable being alone.
  43. They don’t seek validation or any kind of approval from people who don’t matter. They don’t fear treading where very few have and possess an insane ability to listen to their gut and keep moving forward.
  44. They know about the things they don’t have any control over and stop spending time or emotional energy on them. This helps them keep their focus intact.
  45. They seek feedback from those who are better than them and act upon it to create more value.
  46. They eliminate toxic people from their lives and stop giving them space either in their mind or their life.
  47. They are not lazy or feel lethargic, they try to draw energy from their surroundings and always be active to work hard.
  48. They aim for physical fitness because they are aware that in the long run, health matters the most.
  49. They embrace change and know that change is the only constant in life. They adapt to changing needs, goals and requirements efficiently without letting it affect them in any negative way.
  50. They are extremely resilient and can persist to reach their goals which normal people simply won’t.

Final Words

This is the extensive collection of all the great self help books that I have read. I have made every effort to crystallize the knowledge into actionable points and hope that they are helpful to you. Although the list might not be perfect, you can always add a few habits or qualities of your own and make it perfect.

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