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How To Grow Taller? A Simple Yet Effective Step by Step Guide

If you are worried about your short height then keep this thing in mind that your height is actually determined by the environment and your genetics.

Along with many other factors, it is usually considered that the genetic factor cannot be changed, but you can change your environmental factor that is the reason behind your short height. Here are some essential exercises and techniques that will help you in reaching your full height.


Step 1: Try To Understand That Your Height Is Determined By Your Genetics

Height is actually a polygenic trait, which means that it is easily affected by different genes. So, if you have two short parents, it doesn’t mean that you will be short too, but on the contrary, if you have two tall parents, it doesn’t mean that you will be tall too. But, It is evident that people having short parents usually have short height but this is not the point of discouragement because you can actually help yourself through different things in order to reach the tall height in your mid-twenties.

  • So, calculate the projected height by entering the height of your parents, you will get your estimated height.
  • Add the height of your parents (in centimetres or inches)
  • Now add 5 inches if you are a boy and if you are a girl then subtract 5 inches.
  • Now divide the value by 2.
  • This is your predicted height with a 4-inch variation that can be up or down. This is not the absolute one, but it is very close to the real one.

Step 2: Get Rid Of All Growth Stunting Factors

A lot of things are present in this world to help you in your height so take a look at the environmental factors that can influence your height. It has been suggested that the alcohol and drugs, both lead to short growth. If such things are ingested in the young age, then malnutrition hinders you from reaching your fullest height.

  • Caffeine also has some effect on the growth because the scientific studies say that it has increased chances of reducing your sleep such that it prevents you from sleeping regularly and soundly.
  • Smoking and passive smoking results on the growth are yet not concluded, but it is said that children who smoke are usually shorter as compared to the ones who don’t smoke.
  • The effect of steroids on the height is completely obvious and they absolutely affect the height. The anabolic steroids usually prevent the bone growth in the teens and children and this leads to a low count of sperms, reduction in the breast size, increased blood pressure and enhanced the risk of heart attack. Kids, having asthma and use inhalers containing small doses of budesonide, usually have a shorter height than the one’s not treated with steroids.

Step 3: Get Regular And Sufficient Sleep

Research has shown that kids and teens need 8 to 11 hours of sleep each night because their body is growing and regenerating the tissues whenever they are at rest. So, you should try to make your sleeping environment calm and remove loud noises or any interruption within sleep time. If you can’t sleep adequately then try to take a warm bath and you can drink the hot chamomile cup of tea before going to bed.

  • The Human Growth Hormone is produced during the deep sleep so it is encouraged to sleep well.

Step 4: Eat Best Things

If you want to keep your body grow to the fullest then you should try to get all the minerals and vitamins on time. Try to take supplement for your age along with the breakfast each day and add good foods in your diet such as,

  • Try to intake a lot of calories and carbohydrates to get energy for growth.
  • Get a large amount of calcium from green vegetables and dairy products because it helps in prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Get adequate vitamin D from eating alfalfa, mushrooms, fish or by spending the time in the sun because it promotes the growth of muscles and bone.
  • Get proteins from eggs, meat or legumes.

Step 5: Have A Strong Immune System

Some illnesses in the childhood can retard the growth and a large number of such diseases are usually the result of avoiding immunization. So, try to take a large amount of vitamin C that is present in oranges, lemons and grapefruits, and keep your immune system strong by eating fresh foods.

  • Avoid processed or frozen foods or the one with the high level of fat.

Step 6: Exercise Daily

Try to exercise each day and if you like swimming, running, biking or yoga, then you should not stop the exercise and combine it with the proper diet and adequate sleep so that you will grow well.

  • Stretches usually have a better effect, but there is no sufficient evidence that exercise can make you taller or not. However, this stretching will help you in the improvement of your posture.

Step 7: Practice the Good Posture

Try to roll your shoulder and hunch over and it will create an effect on your spine. Try to keep your shoulders on the back and your chin high and keep your hips on the feet. Walk with a purpose rather than slinking. Try to sit straight on the chair. This will not make you taller but it will keep your posture good.

Step 8: Build Up Confidence

It is nice to be a tall person, but if you are not, then it doesn’t make any difference and you should not lack your confidence for this simple thing. Try to take part in the clubs and make sure that you are having a successful life. Try to bring a positive attitude and boost your mind rather than always thinking about short height.

Step 9: Visit The Professional

If you belongs to a tall family and your height is not growing like the mid-teens then you should see a good doctor. There might be some conditions that your growth is inhibited such as it can be the result of growth hormone deficiency or any other thing. But if you are having plenty of sleep and you are eating all the healthy diet and your growth is still not sufficient, then it is the time to see your doctor.

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