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Instilling Confidence in Oneself: 8 Steps Towards Your Dream Life

I have spent a significant number of years in a delusion, under a self-made assumption that I am simply not good enough to realise my dreams. Lack of self-confidence and belief in my individuality and abilities never allowed me to pursue my dreams, work towards my goals and live the way I wished to live.

I wished to nurture a special relationship but I never believed I could make anyone happy or if anyone would ever want to be with someone as ordinary as myself. I wanted to be a singer but I never had the guts to appear for an audition, I gave up on my dream of becoming a writer believing that I would never be able to get a single piece published for I never felt convinced with my skills.

I was never certain about myself, my abilities to succeed. It is quite likely that you have always been sure of yourself unlike myself; however, you must have felt fearful of making an endeavor at some point. Taking the first step is always difficult. Anxiety, uncertainty, apprehensions all compound into a fear of making a start. It is quite natural. This fear can overpower your self-belief, constrain your ability and potential to succeed in pursuit of your dreams and happiness. Overcoming this fear is an arduous task. Confidence in oneself is one’s shield against the terrifying thoughts of failures and feelings of uncertainty. It is important to have confidence in your abilities, your individuality and the firmness of your intent, this confidence is the ultimate key to success. As Dalai Lama said,

“With the realization of one’s potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one could build a better world.”

Instilling confidence in oneself might require one to overcome his past, forget about instances that have had a negative impact on him, encourage oneself to face the odds and to develop a positive attitude towards others’ commentary and various ups and downs in life. However, one can always learn to trust himself and his abilities. You can live your ideal life too, you can write your own story which tells about your success, all you need is the strength to get going and confidence and self-belief give you that strength. Here are the eight ways to learn to be confident, eight steps towards your dream life.

  1. Remember, You Were Born With Confidence

Every child is born with a certain confidence, he is not worried about the perceptions and judgments that the people around him would make about him. He opens his eyes in this world and lets others feels his presence regardless of how they feel about it. All he knows is about himself and puts himself at the center of attention. As the baby grows up he becomes more and more self-aware and begins to have thoughts about possibilities of failures and loss, grows concern about his reputations and the judgement that people make about him. When these worries grow to overpower his positivity, tarnish his self-belief and deteriorate his confidence in his abilities, he begins to trail off from the path he desires to walk on.

Do not let your self-awareness to create negativity in your life. Shun the thoughts of your unworthiness and remember that you were born with a certain confidence, you are worthy of following your dreams. You came to life to walk the road you choose, towards the destination you choose and let this freedom of choice, your birth right, instill confidence in yourself and your abilities.

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