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Reading On a Screen Before Bed Might Be Killing You

Most of us have a habit of reading extracts or articles on smartphones or iPads before bedtime. We are often taken away by this concept of e-reading on screens. However we are well aware that such reading on a screen can affect our sight but it is frightening to note that the complication from reading on a screen before bedtime can be even more serious.

Reading content from your smartphone or iPad can meddle with your sleep at night and it even makes it harder to fall asleep. It does not only meddle with your sleeplessness but it also affects you daily schedule by disturbing your alertness during the next day. A new research conducted in Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. A study was also published in the journals of the elite National Academy of Sciences stating the findings that could affect anyone who spends long hours on laptop, smartphone, or certain TVs before bedtime.

Studies and Researches

A plethora of researches are being conducted on the impacts of studying or using e-readers, smartphones, laptops etc. before bedtime. The latest researches by many prestigious institutes have been in favor of old studies that should effects of screen before sleep are serious.


It is pretty much known and obvious light emitted from screens in dark or evenings can impact our sleepiness and disturb the state of being alert. It mainly suppresses melatonin levels. A debonair associate neuroscientist from BWH’s division of sleep and circadian disorders, Dr. Anne-Marie Chang  who is also the co-author of the study conveyed to Huffington post via email communication about the detrimental effects of reading e-screens prior going to sleep.


The study speaks about extensive results on a direct comparison between reading from a printed book and from a screen that emits strong light. It also highlights the consequences of such e-reading on sleep and our eyesight.


Impacts of Disturbed Sleep and Loss of Melatonin

The best way to avoid suffering from such e-reading and from the impact of reading from a screen that emits radiations, is to read from printed books and pages. This helps to stimulate your mind before going to sleep and also avoids the impact of reading from a light-emitting screen.


Dr. Chang also quoted that deficiency of sleep leads to numerous health issues like cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes. It primarily leads to suppression of melatonin which can also increase the risk of causing life-threatening disease cancer.


People who stay up late reading from screens suffer from sleeplessness and fail to stay alert on the next day as well.





Results and conclusions from Researches

A study was conducted on 12 participants for about 2 weeks in which they were allowed to read from iPads for about 4 hours for 5 days prior bedtime. The same process was also repeated with printed texts and books. A couple of participants followed the reversed order in which they read from books first and then switched to iPads.


The conclusions of the study stated that people who used iPads before going to bed failed to fall asleep and suffered from sleeplessness at nights. They also secreted lesser melatonin and felt tired the following day. They were devoid of sleep and drained off from energy from a couple of days disturbing their complete schedule. Some of them even got an eight hours sleep but they felt dizzy and tired on the following days.

Dr. Chang also conveyed to Huffpost that iPad users had to concentrate more while gazing at a screen to study due to which they wrecked their sleep even more.

Different studies have also led to conclusion that gazing at screens for long causepain in eyes and leads to poor eyesight over the time.

Suggestions to Avoid Impacts of E-Reading

Sleeping tight and healthy is bliss and it helps to maintain a healthy and balanced life energizing our days and rejuvenating nights. Hence it would be absurd to spoil such a sound sleep.

If you are pretty much addicted to e-reading it is best to make it safer by using filters that will block the strong radiation emitted from light in dark ambience. You can use an Android app that blocks the blue light and lessens the effect of radiation.

You can also buy a physical filter that can be placed on you iOS devices while reading which will reduce the effect of light emitted from screens

Use a flux if you are reading from a computer. The soul aim is to block the blue light which suppresses the melatonin and affects quality of sleep.

Best Recommendation from Expert

The best recommendation from experienced experts suggests avoiding use of such light-emitting screens before going to bed. Use a blue light filter if you are bound to use light-emitting devices at night. This simple advice will help to solve bigger health complexities ahead.

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