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Top 10 Healthy Habits for the New Year

Thinking to live a healthier year is a good way to start your year. And if you have already aims for that, you should know what research say about living a healthy life. So here is the list of my 10 Habit that you can follow this New Year that will help you reach your goals easily:

Starting With Exercise/Workout:

If you haven’t been into exercising/workout before or if you had but you left it, this is the time for kick starting it from the beginning. Exercising can really help you with long term health benefits, which includes stress relief, improving your mood and for keeping your brain active throughout the whole day. If you are little or more obese then exercising can really help you. Regular exercises can prevent diseases like diabetes, body ache, osteoporosis and cancer on prolong time.

A human body ages as the cells grows and decays, cells never ages. So with intense or mild excises you can really accelerate the cells healing process which can increase the cells longevity.

As you exercise your cells also learn to get younger, fitter, stronger, better which helps them to avoid being too prone to diseases. But even with so much benefits, as many as 60% of American chose not to exercise.

But if you choose to be a part of the rest 40%, here is a small tip. Try continuing your daily or routine exercise for straight 3 weeks. A study has found that, a routine that has been followed intensely for more than 3 weeks turns into a habit. This is even a better news for people going to gym but can’t wake up everyday. Now you just have follow a 3 week rule to continue waking at the same time, as after that you will be habituated with the timing.

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