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Top 10 Healthy Heart Tips

For a healthier lifestyle you should have a healthy heart. So, you can follow these 10 easy to follow advises that will definitely help your heart.

Say No To Smoking:

Are you a smoker? Yes? Start quitting smoking from right today, this is the first and the biggest step towards having a healthier heart.

The first sign that smoking is affecting your heart is having sudden but small pains and pinching feeling near the heart. If you ever had that and you are a smoker, it is the time that you quit smoking and meet a doctor.

Right after 1 year of leaving smoking, your heart recovers back to a position where you will have half the heart risks compared to a smoker. And your lungs would have drained all the tar right after a year.

And if you are facing problem leaving smoking, you may consult NHS stop smoking services or you may visit a Stop Smoking website or even take advises from GP to quit smoking.

Stay Active:

Every heart has the capability to work like a high athlete. But if you are just sitting all day without working out much, your heart can go in a state of rest accumulating fats around it. Get active right when you wake up and stay active over the whole day. This will help you boost your mood and even help your remove the unwanted stress.

A moderate intensity exercise of 20 min is recommended for a healthier heart. But if you have a busy job or if you can’t effort the time, all you have to do is simply move around one in while working and choose the stairs every time.

Weight Management:

Over weight can really accelerate your heart risks and with growing age this can really affect your heart badly.  So if you are over-weight all you have to do is follow a simple balanced diet of which will contain low fat, healthy nutrients and as less sugar as possible. Eating plenty of fruits can be the first step if you want to cut down the junk/fast food and avoid over eating. It is advised that you don’t eat much of dried fruits as they contain more sugar in concentrated form and they also have a very less quantity to sugar value.

You can also check your Body Mass Index by visiting any BMI website, this will really help you to understand your body better.

Fibre with 5 A Day:

Fibre is a great way to cut out the risks of heart disease. In take a daily dose of 30grams of fibre from different food like bran, wholemeal bread and wholegrain cereal, potato skin has abundant amount of fibre and also a few vegies.

For a great 5 A Day you can simply chop your fruits and add to your cereals and make fruits sauces (with chilli) for your pasta.

Say No to Saturated Fat Sources:

Intaking food that has saturated fat can really increase your cholesterol level which increases the risks of heart diseases and also results in poor health. Choose milk which contains less fat and go for leaner cuts of meat.

No Extra Salt:

You may have already heard about this from your parents and grandparents. Salt can rise your blood pressure which can result in excessive pressure on your heart. Avoid adding a source of extra salt on your dining table, and avoid using while cooking too if possible. A research say, the iodine that salt comes with can be obtained from vegetables and a proper diet. And if you do have to use salt at a safe limit, use maximum 6gm of salt per day which is 1 tea spoon a day.

Fish for Omega-3:

Fishes like fresh tuna, sardine, mackerel and salmon are a great source of omega 3 fats (Include fishes with the oily portions). Omega 3 is great option to fight against heart diseases. But if you are pregnant or breast feeding, avoid more than 2 portions of oily fish in a week.

Consuming Alcohol in Limits:

Consuming alcohol isn’t good, especially if you are exceeding the limit of recommended by NHS. If you are drinking alcohol on a regular basis & you are suffering from a bigger waist line, then you can definitely blame the alcohol.

Read Before you eat:

Every packed food & drink will have a label stating the contents of calories, fat, salt & sugar. You should always go through all the details of what you eat, and for fruits, vegies, fish and meat, you can just browse the internet for details.

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